Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Forest Lake and Green Lake: June 25

For some reason I’m writing up this weekend’s reports in the opposite order they occurred. So have fun with that.

Sunday took me to Forest Lake and Green Lake, two small and similar lakes about ten minutes apart. I kinda just picked Forest off the map and then went to Green later when I got a little bored and wanted some time in the A/C.

Starting out on Forest I made a little run to some reed clumps that were outside the mouth of a fairly deep backwater. I poked around in the reeds with a jig and caught a few but I think I spooked more than I caught. Then I worked my way into the backwater with a frog and a spinnerbait.

I was a little disappointed to find that the backwater was pretty dingy. It had some interesting cover options and a lot of rip rap but no big fish wanted my spinnerbait or my jig when I flipped it around docks. I got a few smaller bass but ended up leaving with less than inspiring results.

Next stop was a patch of reeds with some wind on it that ended up being my pattern for the day. There was a good stiff breeze blowing in on them, plenty of crappie and bluegill spawning and swimming around, good bottom for spawning and a ton of eager buck bass up in the reeds. I caught a mess of fish. Mostly they ate the spinnerbait, sometimes I pitched the jig. I've caught lots of fish before but I impressed myself with the consistency with which I caught them.

I hit a few more patches of reeds and caught a bunch more bass before deciding to try and change things up and fish out deep a bit with a jig and a lipless bait. I was not successful.

Still not sure how this happened. 
Green Lake was fairly similar to Forest except that it had more grass and less sand. I caught them around the reeds again and I caught some off docks but my main takeaway from that stop is regret. There was a particular bay with bunches of reeds that had great pads and some nice millfoil out deeper. I should have spent a lot more time in there picking apart the deeper millfoil for some bigger fish. Instead, I opted to poke around at some more unremarkable places and lose a nice lipless crankbait to a pike.

The rest of the weekend:


  1. Green is full of Bigguns if you can find them!

    1. Looked like it. Had much better looking grass than Forest. I think I just bypassed them.

  2. I really enjoy your work on the FLW podcasts. I listen to them all. I live on Forest and the dead reed bite was really hot during the time frame you were there. I caught 100 bass on that Sat. and Sun. combined. I would have had really good limits both days as well. I did best flipping the heavier reeds with a ¾ oz. T-rigged D-Bomb and jigs. The grass is slow developing this year on Forest but will really fill in after a couple of weeks. Glad to see you are enjoying our local lakes. Welcome to Minnesota!
    -Mark B. (Forest Lake)

    1. Thanks for listening Mark! You're right about that reed bite. I've had a lot of success in reeds in Minnesota in general so far.