Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Collegiate Bass Open Wrap (invented by Bobby V)

Day 2 of the Collegiate Bass Open dawned as sweltering and sunny as the last day (side note, I'd have been dead without these shirts). Preston and I were pretty comfortable with our strategy given what we had to go on. We'd been fairly successful catching kickers off two ledge areas (three fish over 4 pounds in three days) but, based on our experience fishing the grass the day before, we felt that a quick and potentially solid limit was possible with the right timing. The limit didn't transpire exactly as we had hoped and when we cut bait and headed to the ledges to each fill our limit with a kicker they didn't cooperate either. So, we finished with a measly 4 fish limit. 

So what was the problem? It lay in our inability to realize that the ledge fish we found were a mirage. Without side looking sonar to confirm that there were schools where we caught a couple of fish (or in this case that there were not schools) we simply assumed that because it was Kentucky Lake there would be more where a fish or two came from. Talking to my expert sources, it turns out that Kentucky Lake was behaving rather oddly while we were there in that the fish were extremely scattered. We of course couldn't tell that very well having not fished Kentucky Lake before in the summer and not having side looking sonar to confirm. Had we been able to tell that the first day of practice (two over 4-lbs in a half day) was a false positive we could have run south and gotten a full day of practice in the grass. Instead, we committed to ledges and crashed and burned. So, when we finally did run south during  the tournament we scrambled and once we found a few fish stuck with them for saftey's sake. Had we spent even a little time in the grass during practice I'm sure we could have located more and bigger fish because the fishing style in the grass doesn't seem to be all that different from the south end of Champlain...

Besides our lack of success, I learned a lot. And, I'm eager to go back next year and try my luck on the big KY again. Finally, I'd like to thank Berkley for making great baits, all but two of our keepers in the tournament involved a Berkley soft plastic in some capacity. 

We were on very healthy fish: 

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