Saturday, June 9, 2012

Plunder Bay Open

Dad and I fished the Plunder Bay Open on Lake Champlain today. We weighed 21 and change (6 fish) and probably finished out of the money. Caught plenty of fish and got a few good bites but we couldn't get over the hump with a true kicker or a few more fours...

We caught fish on a swimjig (black/blue), frog, Devil Spear (junebug), and a 8-inch straight tail worm (black/blue). The vast majority of our fish came along a particular stretch of millfoil that dad and I seined for at least twenty five fish over 2.5 pounds. Our two best were not photographed (dad opted to turn the phone off instead) but, they both came on a Devil Spear. 

Overall, I had a ball catching fish with dad. Just wish we'd been able to keep our morning roll going. 

The beginnings of 70+ boats

Two of 'em

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