Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Jika Rig

So, what is a Jika Rig? Well, it is like a Texas rig and a jig and a drop-shot.

Owner makes one commercially but they are freakishly easy to build yourself for wicked cheap. Basically, you attach a split-ring to a hook and then a drop-shot or casting style weight to the split-ring (you can add a second split ring if you like). If you want the Ferrari of Jika Rigs you can upgrade the components with a Gamakatsu Superline EWG Ring Eye hook, an oval split-ring, and a tungsten drop-shot weight. The solid ring on the Gamakatsu provides a superior point to tie to compared to a standard split-ring: on a rig that leads with an unprotected knot every little bit helps. You'll tie to the split-ring or solid ring and put whatever bait you want on the hook.

Baits I Use
  • 4-inch craws
  • Small Beaver-style baits
  • Small Brush Hogs
  • Yammamoto Flappin' Hog
  • Berkley Pit Boss
Now, how does it fish? The Jika Rig is relatively snag-free; I would say it hangs up less than a jig. That means you can fish it in a variety of places. It excels in brush and rock and casts very well. You can fish it in weed but it picks up more grass than a Texas rig or some jigs. All this means you have versatile, customizable bait. And, it looks different than anything else. The profile in the water and on the bottom is not the same as a jig or Texas rig or drop-shot and that is the key. It is something the fish haven’t seen before and they react well to it.

I've had success fishing a Jika Rig in many of the situations you'd normally fish a drop-shot, jig, shaky head, or Texas rig. You can hop, drag, and shake it. However, the best application for a Jika is probably as a bed bait. I had more than my usual (low) level of success this spring throwing it on beds. It sits in one place very nicely and the fish definitely seem to get more annoyed by it than a jig. I can almost guarantee you'll have success on it with some variation to suit your local waters. 

Wintertime Jika fish 

Magnum Norman spot on a jika
Dad with a SML Jika fish

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  1. Going to have to give that Jika rig a try! I love the idea of blending gear to come up with a different presentation. The swiveling weight probably acts more lifelike than a standard jig since it's not attached.