Friday, March 11, 2011

Trolling Motor Cable Replacement

Before I left for Kentucky, I had to replace one of the steering cables on my MotorGuide. Turned out it was really easy. You can do it without knowing anything about trolling motors. I was careful taking parts off and just made sure I remembered the right order of things. The most difficult part was actually getting the cables back on their respective tracks in the pedal, simply because they fit snugly and you need to use a combination of power and finesse to get the job done. 

I broke the cable on Smith Mountain. 

The cap taken off and the cables sheaths removed from their notches (visible just above the wires in the center of the photo, on either side of the cylindrical metal post. )
The pulley assembly that actually turns the shaft. the empty track for the new cable is shown. 

The new cable inserted.

Running the new cable into the pedal alongside the other cable. 

Putting the gearing for the directional arrow back on after reattaching the cables in the pedal and aligning the cables at the trolling motor head. 

This view is the finished product (prior to screwing the cap back on). Notice the cable alignment system that hosts the metal tips of the sheathes apart before they get to the pulley. 


  1. nice play-by-play with the pictures...glad you could fix it and here's hoping that you won't have to deal with it again!

  2. Thnnks for posting. I have an old Mercury trolling motor with similar internals and the pictures helped me figure out cable rewind. I owe you a beer.

    Pack Rat