Friday, February 21, 2014


Swimbaits are just the best. Something about the potential in each bite. The level of detail that can be required. The sheer fun of chucking big blobs of plastic as far as you can.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do over? Do I ever!

There are a lot of tournaments I'd like to have back.

The process of discovery you go through during the day is an irreplaceable learning experience. That said, those days when everything goes right are amazingly fun and I've never had one during a tournament (Brett Hite has though, amiright?).

I'd even like to take back some of the tournament's I've won. When dad and I caught 22.8 to win the Bill Brown we actually made two stops that produced nothing that stayed in the livewell. I'd love to see what might have happened if we'd gone to our honey hole early- could another 5+ have been waiting for us?

You know, either this was a better idea in my head than on paper or I can't remember how I originally planned to do it.

So scrap that part.

I fished Sunday, gonna do it again on Thursday. The location isn't really mine to give away so I won't. I will however give myself an award for Most Innovative Swimjig Trailer. I popped a Gambler BB Cricket on the back of a swimjig and what do you know the fish ate it up. All that extra vibration was obviously drawing them in from great distances.

It got into the forties today! Spring and hawgs are right around the corner!