Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today was a good day. Holidays away from home typically suck but today was alright. I got in a good jog, I had an idea for a photo I love, I rearranged my living room for the summer, I sent several emails, I got some free baits, watched some baseball, watched some West Wing, and that was about it. 

Anyhow, I'm gonna rack it out early and try for some sleep. I've had a run of late nights and I'm betting I won't get to sleep for a while but it's worth a shot. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Recent Thoughts

It's been hard to get into a rhythm this year. I imagine once I start fishing regularly things will settle down but for now, I've been hopping around the country and not fishing much. I also haven't been posting to my personal Instagram much which is indicative of something (probably that IG needs to get their act together and make an app I can use multiple accounts with).

Did get to go to two of my favorite lakes though. Spent a little time at Beaver and it reinforced my love for it. I know the fishing isn't all that good but it's right up my alley and the Ozarks are just an incredibly lovely part of the country (I think).

I also got to fish at a new favorite lake (and Kellogg's pro Jim Tutt's favorite lake), Toledo Bend. I was starved for open water at the time, but it is just a phenomenally cool lake. There's tons of grass, I saw one of the biggest fish I've ever seen there, and it reminded me a lot of Champlain. I definitely want to go back. I love fishing lakes with that clear and grassy combo and it seems like a fascinating place to explore.

Toledo Bend
I'm also considering doing a boat swap and selling the Bass Cat and buying a lightly used (or perhaps even new) 18-foot aluminum boat. I'd actually really appreciate your opinions on this. I rolled with an aluminum boat for a long time and I like them a lot but I recognize that there are a lot of fishability aspects that an aluminum simply can't replicate. It'd be a good opportunity to trick out a boat with some Talons or Power-Poles and I could upgrade my Humminbirds to the Onix series or just get a bigger one for the console. It'd also be easier to take care of in many respects (including finding housing for it in a city/suburban environment) and I don't really see the need for a full-size boat in many Minnesota waters. Problem is, I don't want to be in Minny forever and maybe a short-term gain wouldn't be a great idea if it's for a few years and then I need to gear up for Champlain or Kentucky Lake or something like that. Moreover, I just bought a truck sized to tow a real boat, my old Ranger needed an upgrade regardless but I could have gone a different direction and bought something a little better on gas if the goal was to tow a small boat instead of a big boat.

Another side of that boat issue is the fact that the Bass Cat has been used hard. She is not in bad shape for a boat of her age, but she's hardly in good shape. I'm going to need a new trolling motor soon, the onboard charger is iffy, you can tell the fiberglass has spent a lot of time on dirt roads or around stumps, and she's just generally a little worn down. Maybe it'd be smart to get into a newer or less-used boat now, rather than five years from now. Then again, aluminum holds its value well and I likely wouldn't be out that much in the long run.

Anywho, if you have any ideas that'd be cool. Or if you see a great deal on a aluminum boat. I think I'm at the point where I might jump at the right one. But seriously, someone talk me down from the ledge.